Terms and Conditions

By returning the booking form you are agreeing to the contract which is between Skydive Swansea Club Ltd, (referred to as Skydive Swansea) Swansea Airport, Fairwood Common, Swansea SA2 7JU and the participant or person making the booking on behalf of the participant collectively referred to as ‘I’. All bookings with Skydive Swansea Ltd are also subject to these terms and conditions. (Skydive Swansea Ltd is contracted by Skydive Swansea Club Ltd for all administration of the parachute training organisation). By making a booking you will be bound by the terms and conditions below. If you are unable or unwilling to agree to these terms and conditions then do not make a booking or proceed with the jump.

1. All participants must agree to these terms and conditions before they will be permitted to jump. The person making the booking is responsible for
ensuring the participants are fully aware of and comply with the requirements set out in these terms and conditions. By signing the booking form you are
declaring that you are fully aware of these terms and conditions at the time of booking. Persons under the age of 18 by having a parent/guardian having
signed the booking form are also agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please refer to the website www.skydiveswansea.co.uk for any updates.

2. In consideration of the monies paid, Skydive Swansea agrees to provide everything required to permit you the opportunity to make a tandem parachute
descent, in accordance with United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority regulations, subject to these terms and conditions.

3. I acknowledge that the Civil Aviation Authority (hereinafter referred to as the “CAA”) controls all parachuting activities within the United Kingdom and
that Skydive Swansea is affiliated to the British Parachute Association (hereinafter referred to as the “BPA”).

4. I acknowledge that it is a CAA requirement that all operations of Skydive Swansea are conducted in accordance the British Parachute Association
Operations Manual (hereinafter referred to as the “BPA Operations Manual” – reference www.bpa.org.uk/staysafe).

5. I acknowledge the BPA Operations Manual details at Section 1 Paragraph 2 the 11 conditions that must be met before any parachuting can take place
and which includes at Section 8 the weather conditions parachutists are permitted to jump in.

6. I acknowledge that I will become an associate member of Skydive Swansea Club Ltd for the duration of the BPA insurance (12 months). Details of this
can be found on www.skydiveswansea.co.uk/club.php

7. I acknowledge and accept that these weather limitations and operational procedures are for my safety and I expect and require Skydive Swansea to
abide by them at all times.

8. I acknowledge and accept that if I am unable to complete my jump for operational reasons other than the weather such as, but not limited to, mechanical
issues with the aircraft, airfield closure that the deposit or full monies paid to complete the jump are non-refundable. A new date can be booked. Any Gift
Vouchers will be extended by the amount of time the disruption occurs. Skydive Swansea Ltd is not responsible for costs incurred for any cancellations.

9. I understand from the information pack and Skydive Swansea’s website www.skydiveswansea.co.uk. that personal injury insurance is available for this
activity and that Skydive Swansea advises to look on the internet to organise this myself if I wish to have this cover. I understand that part of the fees paid
for my jump covers provisional membership of the BPA, which will include basic third party insurance only for my jump, in accordance with its BPA

10. I acknowledge if I fail to turn up on the day of the skydive I will lose my deposit and a new booking fee of £40 will be required to book another date.
This also applies to gift vouchers.

11. I acknowledge that a booking once made is final. All deposits are non-refundable. Final payment on the day for the skydive is cash or postal order only.
There are no credit card facilities.

12. I acknowledge if I wish to change the date of the skydive with less than 21 days notice that a £40 booking fee will be required.

13. I acknowledge that I have read fully understood the TANDEM STUDENT PARACHUTIST MEDICAL INFORMATION AND DECLARATION (form 115A) &
understand that if I have not suffered in the past or do not currently suffer from any of the conditions listed on the form that I may fill it in myself.

I acknowledge that any if I have suffered in the past or do currently suffer from any of the conditions listed on the TANDEM STUDENT PARACHUTIST
MEDICAL INFORMATION AND DECLARATION (form 115A) that I must get a doctor to sign & stamp the OTHER form called the –
STUDENT TANDEM PARACHUTIST REQUEST FOR MEDICAL ADVICE (form115B). I acknowledge a letter from the doctor is not acceptable.

I acknowledge if I become aware of any medical conditions or impairment listed on the TANDEM STUDENT PARACHUTIST MEDICAL INFORMATION AND
DECLARATION (form 115A) after submitting the booking form I must inform Skydive Swansea Ltd & withdraw from the event until I have consulted with a
doctor & have the OTHER form STUDENT TANDEM PARACHUTIST REQUEST FOR MEDICAL ADVICE (form 115B) filled in signed & stamped by a doctor.
I acknowledge failure to have this filled in correctly could result in the jump not taking place & would have to pay a £40 re booking fee.

14. I acknowledge anyone aged 16 or 17 years old must have a parents/guardians signature on the TANDEM STUDENT PARACHUTIST MEDICAL
INFORMATION AND DECLARATION (form 115A) form and the BPA membership agreement/Parental consent form (form 106). Failure to have this filled in
correctly could result in the jump not going ahead and having to pay a £40 re booking fee to book another date.
Terms and Conditions

15. I acknowledge the weight restrictions are 13 stone for ladies and 15 for stone men (The Ground Rush Tandem has limits of 16 stone for men and 13
stone for ladies). I will be weighed on the day and if found to be over the weight restrictions will not be allowed to jump and will lose the deposit. To rebook
another date and be within the weight restriction will require a £40 deposit to be paid. We reserve the right on the day to decline anyone we consider
unsuitable to jump even if they are within the weight restrictions.

16. I acknowledge I must comply with Skydive Swansea’s instructors at all times for my safety. During my training if I do not understand any aspect I will
ask the instructor questions until I am certain I fully understand all of my training. Parachuting does have an element of risk which I am aware may cause
anxiety, fear and stress, can cause injury, and can cause death. I have accepted these risks by signing the terms and conditions section on the booking form
or/and the Student training record sheet on the day of the jump.

17. I acknowledge that I will be sharing the day with other participants and that no jump times can be given. I understand that is only the staff that work out
the order to jump and that once written up this is often subject to change. I accept that Skydive Swansea cannot guarantee the weather, times of jumps or
jump orders. I acknowledge that I or my spectators will not challenge the staff verbally or physically over the jump order and I must allow the day to complete
the jump.

18. I acknowledge on the day of the jump if it is cancelled due to whatever reasons Skydive Swansea Ltd will rebook me in again. I understand deposits and
the final balance paid are non refundable and Skydive Swansea is not responsible for costs incurred by myself for any cancellations.

19. I acknowledge if I inform the instructor that I wish to decline to jump whilst in the aircraft I will not receive any refund from the full payment whatsoever.
This also applies to the camera persons fees paid.

20. I acknowledge if I am doing a charity skydive I must bring with me a copy of my sponsor forms & a cheque or postal order made payable to the charity
for the minimum amount requested that is shown on our website under Charity Tandem Skydives & the FAQ’s. That I may date the charity cheque up to a
month in advance. That Skydive Swansea cannot accept cash for the charity. If I am donating directly to the charity I will bring confirmation from the charity
that they have agreed to this in a letter or copy of an email. If I have raised my sponsorship online I will bring a copy of this as proof. Should I not take part
in the event for any reason I will return any sponsorship monies raised to my sponsors. I agree to use original sponsor forms issued by Skydive Swansea
or the charity I have chosen. I agree to make clear to the sponsors that the cost of the skydive may be taken from the sponsorship money I raise and to
comply with any fundraising guidance on the paperwork issued. I understand that any filming options cannot be taken from the monies raised for the charity
and must be paid myself. I understand that the skydive is not being organised by the charity of my choice. To the extent permitted by law, I expressly and
voluntarily release the charity and agents from any and all liability for any loss, injury, damage or costs suffered in relation to my participation in the event.
I will return any blank sponsor forms to Skydive Swansea on the day.

21. I acknowledge I will wear suitable clothing. Jeans are not recommended. Preferable footwear is trainers.

22. I acknowledge if I have already done a skydive with Skydive Swansea and I’m using my 3rd party insurance from my original jump I will let Skydive
Swansea Ltd know in advance to check its validity.

23. I acknowledge if the weather looks unsuitable the day before Skydive Swansea Ltd will contact me either by phone, text message or email to arrange
an alternative date. I will ensure Skydive Swansea have my correct contact details. I understand weather can change quickly and if cancelled on the day of
the jump Skydive Swansea Ltd is not responsible for any costs I have incurred.

24. I acknowledge in the event that I sustain any injury during training, in the course of a parachute descent, at any time while on premises, or in any way
concerned with the activities of Skydive Swansea, I undertake to inform Skydive Swansea immediately that I become aware I have suffered such injury. I
understand that in the event I sustain any injury and enter into correspondence, legal action against Skydive Swansea or any person whom is Skydive
Swansea liable, and in the event no legal action is commenced, discontinued or unsuccessful then Skydive Swansea or its insurers may take action against
me to cover its legal costs and other expenses incurred in the course of correspondence or in the defence of such action.

25. I acknowledge filming is prioritised for people who have paid a deposit for this service but is not guaranteed. If for any reason filming is not available a
refund for the camera deposit will be given. Any person asking to be filmed on the day is subject to availability as there may be filming restrictions.

26. I acknowledge if I choose to have my jump filmed/photographed and for any reason the photographer or the photographic / video equipment fails to
produce the record, then there will be no charge for the service but I will not be entitled to a refund of the jump.

27. I acknowledge if I seem to be under the influence of alcohol/drugs I will not be allowed to jump. I would lose my deposit and may not allowed to book

28. I acknowledge that Skydive Swansea or charities may publish or broadcast photographs or video of myself participating in the skydive for purpose of
advertising and agree that I will not do anything to harm Skydive Swansea’s good name & reputation.

29. I acknowledge payments for the instructional/camera services are made directly from myself to the instructor/camera person.

30. I acknowledge Skydive Swansea reserves the right to jump from a lower altitude according to the weather conditions on the day.

31. I acknowledge a gift voucher is valid for 12 months from the day of purchase and the expiry date is on the back of the voucher. A gift voucher may be
used if expired but a rebooking fee of £40 will be required. If for whatever reason I do not wish to use this gift for myself I understand I can allow someone
else to do the jump for me but a rebooking fee of £40 will be required as long as that person meets the requirements for weight and age restrictions.

32. I acknowledge a non gift voucher/charity jump requires an actual date to book the jump. The jump must be completed within a year of the original date
booked. If I do not do the jump within 12 months of the original date a further booking fee of £40 will be required.

33. I acknowledge if I have arrived at the centre, paid for my jump and have been issued my BPA insurance but been unable to jump for whatever reason
that I need to complete the jump within a year of the BPA insurance being issued. If I go over 12 months I will be required to pay a £40 re booking fee and
renew my BPA insurance. The cost of the BPA insurance varies each year. If I can no longer do the jump someone else may take my place but a £40 rebooking
fee will apply as well as the BPA insurance cost. I am fully aware deposits and final balances are non-refundable.

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