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Filming and Camera options- treasure the memories!

Tandem and camera flyer about to exit

This is a fantastic way to remember your skydive. Don't regret not having booked a camera option!

For our Tandem Skydives from 12000 feet we offer filming & photos with your own personal camera flyer or the Hand Cam filming only by your tandem instructor.

For our Ground Rush Tandems from 7000 feet we offer the Hand Cam filming option only.

Filming & Photos of your jump.

A fantastic way to remember your skydive from 12000 feet. You will be allocated your own freefall camera flyer to film & photograph you. They will start capturing your experience on the ground, going out to the aircraft, exiting the aircraft, fly round you in freefall & film your landing. This is edited to music & posted to you. We will also put up a photo on our closed Facebook group later that day so you can have a sneak preview of how you looked!

Cost £110. (includes your camera person's fee) £30 deposit required at time of booking.

Hand Cam filming only

A great way to remember your skydive from either 7000 feet or 12000 feet. Your tandem instructor wears a small HD camera on their wrist & records your experience starting on the ground, going out to the aircraft, exiting the aircraft, freefall, your canopy ride & landing. This is edited to music & posted to you.

Cost £70. (includes your instructor's camera fee) £30 deposit required.

Please Note: If you are doing a charity Tandem Skydive the cost of the camera option cannot be paid for from your sponsorship money. Tandem students are not permitted to use their own Go Pro cameras.

How the camera flyer films and photographs you.

Camera flyer exiting aircraft

Your camera flyer will exit the aircraft with you ...

Camera flyer filming in freefall

... and remain with you during freefall ...

Tandem canopy opening

... right up to the moment that your canopy opens!

Landing safely

They will land safely before you do, allowing them to capture the moment that you touch down.


Here are some of the comments that our tandem students have provided after receiving their DVDs. Why not visit our Facebook page to read more?

"Thank you for the video and photos!! They're amazing! Never laughed so much at my face before in my life!"

Jay Malpas

"My video and photos have just arrived and it's put me on such a high all over again!! Thanks so much Anthony - I can't stop laughing!! Such a thrill and so glad I opted to keep the memories with the video/pics. We are going to have a DVD viewing party......any excuse haha xx"

Keri Holmes

"My video and pix have arrived amazing I can not wait to do it again... thank you guys what a awesome day it was!"

Natalie Ford

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