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Already a skydiver?- why not pay us a visit?

Canopies over Swansea bay

Skydive Swansea welcomes visiting jumpers! The first lift of the day is typically 09:30, so please arrive with plenty of time to allow for kit/ docs checks and a DZ brief. The last lift of the day is usually a sunset load (weather permitting).

Please Note: The airport has 2 separate parachute landing areas. The Northern area is unrestricted and is suitable for all experience levels. The Southern area is restricted and you need to have a "B" licence or above to be able to use this PLA. The PLA in use is determined by the wind direction on the day of jumping and can often vary from lift to lift.

Our club may be small, but our DZ offers some of the best views in the whole of the UK! We have a number of BPA coaches and instructors who can provide you with FS/ FF coaching/ general progression briefs, packing courses etc. See below for more information.

The airport has a cafe onsite which serves a range of hot and cold meals and drinks.

Kit Hire

The centre has a range of kit which can be hired by visiting jumpers. This includes helmets, jumpsuits, altimeters etc as well as a number of rigs ranging from 185 square foot to 280 square foot. (NB the size of rig that you will be able to hire will depend upon your wing loading and general experience levels.)


General Progression

Packing Courses

Please give us a call for more information or check our Facebook group for details of packing course dates and costs. You will be required to attend a packing course day where you will be shown and taught all that is required.

After the initial training course you will be required to pack a further 25 which are supervised. During these you will be introduced to twists, step-throughs and entanglements. Your 26th pack will be your packing test, and if successful, you will be presented with your packing certificate.

Progression Briefs

If you require any briefs please let us know when you arrive at the centre. Also check our Facebook group for updates on A licence and B licence briefing sessions we are holding.

We also run canopy handling briefings for newly qualified A licence students. Please give us a call or check our Facebook group for updates.


Skydive Swansea has a number of BPA qualified coaches who are able to provide you with structured coaching sessions to develop your skydive skills in a number of disciplines. A typical coached jump will consist of a period of ground based instruction/ briefing to prepare you for the specific goals of the jump; the jump itself (with in-air video), followed by a thorough debriefing (using video) after the jump has been completed.


All coaching at Skydive Swansea is priced in the same way. You pay your slot and kit hire (if needed) as normal, plus:

Formation Skydiving (FS) Coaching

Formation Skydiving (FS) coaching allows you to refine, improve and learn new skills in belly flying. You will become a better, more confident and comfortable skydiver, while at the same time learning the most important lesson in skydiving – how to stay safe.

The coaching will follow the British Parachute Association’s recommended FS progression program, teaching you the basics needed to be able to fly with your friends and in bigger groups.

After successfully learning the skills, your final jump will be the FS1 qualifying 4-way skydive. In this jump you will aim to achieve four or more ‘points’ to gain the FS1 sticker, which allows you to then jump with other skydivers.

Who is it for?

Everyone who wants to jump with other people. Once you have completed your AFF and been awarded your "A" licence, doing solo after solo jump while others are jumping with their friends can get frustrating. This is the perfect time to start your FS coaching. Through learning more FS skills, you will soon be joining the others on those group skydives you’ve enviously been watching.

Everyone who wants to improve. Maybe you’ve been out of the sport for some time, or simply feel your FS skills are a little rusty. Maybe you are sick of crashing through the formation, or not being able to reach it. FS coaching will teach you more advanced flying techniques and skills to help ensure you are part of the formation every time.

The FS1 sticker shows that you’ve got the skills to skydive safely with others.

The FS1 Program includes:

Formation Skydiving coaching is available from Kris Wojciechowski and Tanya Quigley.

Freefly (FF) Coaching

Freeflying is an expansion of skydiving which extends into vertical flight where the flyer is in an upright position (falling feet first) or in an inverted position (falling head first). These positions increase freefall speeds and make new types of formations and routines possible.

Once you've mastered the basic "belly flying" skills, Freefly coaching allows you to expand your abilities and fully understand the aerodynamic power of your body in freefall. Freeflying can, and usually does, involve constant transitions in position and speeds, with vertical and horizontal orientations.

Our coaches are able to offer you "head-up" coaching whilst you work towards your FF1 qualification, as well as the more advanced "head-down" coaching as you work towards your FF2 qualification.

Freefly coaching is available from Mikey Phillips.

Our Coaches

Tanya Quigley BPA FS Coach #1164

Tanya has over 1100 jumps. She completed her AFF at Skydive Swansea in 2010, going on to fly camera by 2013. She is currently working towards her AFF instructor rating. Tanya loves all aspects of the sport but belly flying is her forte. She can provide coaching all the way through from your A licence to your FS1 and even afterwards if you're feeling a bit rusty or want to refine your flying. If you want to do some coaching with Tanya feel free to contact her on Facebook (Teej Quigley) or get a hold of her at the DZ.

Mikey Phillips BPA FF Coach #103

Mikey Phillips has over 600 jumps, and over 20 hours of wind tunnel flying time. He has travelled all over the world in his pursuit of freeflying and has jumped with a number of freefly world champions. As part of his own ongoing learning and development, Mikey is regularly coached by Matt Hill (current freefly world champion with French team Kristal) and also by Travis Fienhage (former world champion with SoCal Converge). Mikey can provide coaching in all aspects of freeflying, from the basics through to your FF1 and FF2 as well as load organising.

Kris Wojciechowski BPA FS Coach #964

Kris Wojciechowski has over 600 skydives and over 30 hours of wind tunnel flying time. He was member of the Airkix sponsored, 4-way formation skydiving team ‘4mula’. With 4mula he won gold at the 2011 British National Championships in the Rookie category, gold at the 2012 National Championships in the ‘A’ category and silver representing GB with 4mula at the 2012 European Skydiving League. In his time training with 4mula, each season he flew one hour or more of tunnel time a month and had several intensive DZ jump-camps, where he was coached by multiple world champion, Claire “Sparky” Scott.


Ricky Davies is a BPA qualified advanced packer and parachute rigger. He offers a full range of rigging services from initial assembly, reserve repacks, canopy relines, canopy patching, harness alterations and so on.

Please contact the centre for further details or for a quotation on work you wish to be carried out.

Sample Costs

Given the extremely varied nature of the work which Ricky can carry out, it's difficult to publish a price list which covers all aspects of rigging. However some typical costs for typical rigging work are as follows (prices include VAT):

Again, other work can be quoted on request, please email us at for more information.

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