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Here are some recent photos taken by our team of camera flyers. Click on a photo for a larger view.

Just after exit
Having fun in freefall
Summer over the Gower

Breathtaking freefall
Exit on a winter's day
Falling through the clouds

Ready, set, go!
Thumbs up in freefall
Somewhere over the rainbow

Cessna Grand Caravan G-SYLV
Exit shot from inside the aircraft
Camera flyer capturing the exit

Silhouette tandem and camera flyer
Tandem canopy over Swansea airport
Swansea Bay view on exit

Exit shot from underneath
Door open and exit!
Aircraft with a tandem in freefall

Instructor about to release the drogue
Smiling for the camera flyer
From above tandem scenic views

Terminal velocity 120mph
Scenic beach views in freefall
Blue skies tandem freefall

Sunset over Swansea Bay
Line stretch on opening
Coming into land

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