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Thank you for the video and photos!! They’re amazing! Never laughed so much at my face before in my life!

Ceri Hopkins

THANK YOOOOOOU so much for the promptly delivered DVD! I think its probably worn thin already. I can’t stop watching it! I love it! My kids love it! My parents love it and (although I never ever say this) I can’t wait for school on Monday to show my class how amazing that experience was!

Cancer Research Fundraising Team

Thank you so much indeed for being so accommodating to us this weekend. It was great to meet you and your support is hugely appreciated.

Keri Holmes

Oh wow guys what an absolutely amazing experience. What a way for Raechel and I to celebrate our birthdays and raise money for Cancer Research!! Thank you so much to you all but especially Rob for being so fab, felt completely at ease even though I was like an excitable puppy! Sorry for attacking you

Karon Jenkins

Hi hope u get this message. I done a tandem jump on the 6.10.13 my name is Karon Jenkins just to let you know DVD and CD arrived today. Thank you so much again for such a perfect day I haven’t stopped talking about it yet and seeing the DVD I was up there once

Barry Webster

I’m lost for words. That is no mean feat. Thanks for an amazing day. I would say it is a once in a lifetime experience but after today I’m itching for more.

Prescription drug prices us vs canada

That was hands down the best thing I have ever done today!!! Thank you so much for an amazing experience- I felt really looked after – you were all amazing and I can’t wait to see you again sometime!!!! Everyone needs to do a skydive- I am still buzzing!!

Peter Evans (‘Keep on living the dream….’)

Hi Ricky Just want to say a huge thanks to you for capturing the event so professionally and producing a top quality product. The DVD came through today (following my jump last Sunday 19th June @ 2pm’ish) and I put it straight on with all my family and friends watching…….. it was amazing. I loved